Answer to "Where can I read more about students in difficulty"


AMEE Guides


Sandars J, Patel R, Steele H, McAreavey M (2014)  Developmental student support in undergraduate medical education: AMEE Guide No. 92. Medical Teacher. 36(12):1015-26.

This Guide highlights a positive and proactive developmental approach to student support and considers the critical time of late adolescence and early adulthood, when there are often tensions in the personal development journey and the variety of new experiences in medical school.


Steinert Y (2013)  The “problem” learner: whose problem is it? AMEE Guide No. 76. Medical Teacher.35(4):e1035-45.

This Guide discusses the complex nature of ‘students in difficulty’, including how these students present to medical educators and the need to have a holistic understanding of the reasons for the presentation before implementing support.


Twelve Tips articles


Vogan CL, McKimm J, Da Silva AL, Grant A (2014) Twelve tips for providing effective student support in undergraduate medical education. Medical Teacher.36(6):480-5.


This Twelve Tips considers the importance of five key aspects for student support: understanding institutional and regulatory policy and systems; the required people and resources; an awareness of the broad profile of students needing extra support; the practicalities of delivering support to a broad profile of students; recognising the limits of support.


Book Chapter


Barzansky R and Young (2017) Student support

In    Dent J, Harden RM, Hunt D (2017) A practical guide for medical teachers. Elsevier Health Sciences, London ; 2017 Chapter 43 p 332-338