Answer to "How to use the portfolio in mentoring processes?"


Topic Editor: Sylvia Heeneman

In follow-up on Question 9, the portfolio is considered an important instrument for mentoring processes. A portfolio can serve various purposes in the mentoring process, (a) as a dossier in which the mentee collects mandated documentation on performance, (b) as a learning tool to monitor (for both mentor and mentee) and plan, e.g. by including mentees’ personal development plan(s), and (c) for the mentor to coach the use of reflections. A mentor can guide educational, personal and professional development by helping the mentee to reflect on his or her performance and use outcomes such as assessment tasks and feedback to self-regulate learning and devise new learning objectives. The portfolio then contains or is the platform for reflective activities. Coaching of reflection by a mentor is an important determinant for effective reflective practice (Driessen et al., 2005). The portfolio can serve as the starting point for the mentor meeting, and stimulate the introduction or discussion of certain topics. The use of a portfolio in mentoring enhances the feedback process, can stimulate the mentees’ reflective practice and enhance self-direction of learning (Dekker et al., 2009, van Schaik et al., 2013).



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