Answer to "Where can I read more about lectures?"


The classical texts on lectures are:

McLeish, J. (1968).  The Lecture Method.  (Cambridge: Cambridge Institute of Education).

Bligh, D.A. (1971).  What’s the Use of Lectures?.  (London, UK: Penguin).

An overview of lecturing: Exley and Dennick (2004) Giving a lecture from presenting to teaching.  RoutledgeFalmer, Oxon


An AMEE Guide reviews the lecture as a teaching method:

Brown, G., and Manogue, M (2001).  AMEE Medical Education Guide No 22: Refreshing lecturing: a guide for lectures.  (Med Teach. 23:231-244).


A review of 1193 papers on lectures was reported by Tworek et al (2013):

Tworek, J, Ellaway, R and Dornan, T (2013).  Oxford Textbook of Medical Education.  Published on behalf of Oxford University Press.


An introduction to and overview of the use of lectures is provided by Jeffries, W.B., Huggett, K.N., Szarek, J.L. (2017).  A Practical Guide for Medical Teachers (44:51)

Harden, R.M. and Laidlaw, J.M. (2017).  Essential Skills for Medical Teacher.  Elsevier, Edinburgh.


The eight roles of the teacher relating to lectures are described.

Harden and Lilley (2018) The 8 roles of the Medical Teacher.  Elsevier, Edinburgh.

Further reference sources are provided in relation to each of the 14 questions relating to lectures.