Answers to "How do learning analytics relate to data science?"


Topic Editor: Dr. Martin Pusic, New York University


Data Science is the inter-disciplinary field that has resulted from the increased collaboration of computer scientists with statisticians/mathematicians.  This fusion of theories and methods has been promoted and abetted by the increasing availability of data in a digitized form that allows both computer algorithms to be run efficiently across the data, invoking statistical procedures that were previously difficult due to computational demands.  In particular, the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence is a particularly important example. 


When data science is used in a particular domain, the resulting field of inquiry is termed a kind of "analytics".  For example, Data Science applied to Business concerns is often termed "Business Analytics" or "Business Intelligence".  Data Science applied to an organization is frequently called "Enterprise Analytics".  And so, with little surprise, Data Science theories and methods applied to learning is termed "Learning Analytics".





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