Answer to "Where can I find like-minded IPE educators with whom I can discuss my work?"


Many geographic regions now boost their own local interprofessional associations or formalised groups (see Question 10 for a list of networks). These groups frequently host online and face-to-face fora for like-minded interprofessional educators as well as Facebook and other online networks. Some have been in existence for many years and offer information about interprofessional collaboration opportunities at a local and national level.


In addition, the World Coordinating Committee (WCC) for IPE hosts an international interprofessional conference once every two years where IP educators and researchers can meet to share their work. This conference is called All Together Better Health and it has been running every two years for the past 20 years. Closer to home, many university faculties and schools have internal interprofessional committees or communities of practice where educators can meet to discuss their work and generate opportunities for collaboration. If this is not the case, don’t be afraid to go out and form contacts with the schools in your university. IPE is growing locally and internationally, and you will find like-minded colleagues.


Finally, health professional associations such as AMEE ( ) and ANZAHPE ( are also taking a strong interest in interprofessional learning. Their publications, online resources and annual conferences provide many opportunities for interprofessional engagement.