Answer to "What types of health and social care professions should be involved?"

Health and social care services are delivered by a wide variety of professions. The professions involved in service delivery will be impacted by clinical and organisational protocols, local health practices, professional standards and the availability of specific health and social care personnel. It is widely recognised that services can be delivered more efficiently and effectively by highly functioning teams that involve a mix of the right people providing the right services (WHO 2016).


For these reasons there is no one recipe for who should be involved in an interprofessional health or social care team. The mix of professions should be driven by the needs of the service recipients. Universal health models such as the International Classification of Functioning (WHO 2001) provide a useful guide for how interprofessional teams could be configured as it acknowledges the many domains that require attention to ensure functional health status for individuals/families and communities. 


Similarly, in IPE a range of different students or professionals can be involved in learning together. Whilst there are no hard and fast rules regarding whom to include, ideally involving professions that would usually work together in local service delivery contexts is recommended. The mix of students may also be affected by availability, timetabling and location.  Regardless of the professions involved in interprofessional teams the central role of the patient/client/community receiving services must be paramount (CIHC 2010, WHO 2010).





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