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Answer to "How do we define feedback today?"

Feedback in medical education has been defined as the information describing students’ or house officers’ performance in a given activity that is intended to guide their future performance in the same activity. The steps of feedback used to be described as:

  • Assessment of learner performance

  • Conversation about performance

  • Guidance on performance improvement


But, older definitions focus almost entirely on teacher skills and behaviours. Expert educators have begun to question these definitions of feedback and described processes. Feedback that does not result in learner behaviour change or performance improvement is no longer considered to be effective feedback, regardless of teacher skills in giving feedback. Newer concepts of feedback include:

  • Perspectives that the importance of feedback lies in its impact on recipients and not how teachers provide feedback

  • Feedback conversations are increasingly viewed as complex, social interactions

  • Until learners act on feedback, the feedback loop is not considered complete

  • The learning culture at institutions is thought to play a significant role in influencing the quality and impact of feedback



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