Entrustable Professional Activities

Topic Editors: Olle ten Cate, PhD and H. Carrie Chen, MD, PhD

Entrustable Professional Activities or “EPAs” as they are commonly known are becoming a significant component of the design of competency-based education in health professions education. Many postgraduate medical programs and increasingly undergraduate medical programs worldwide are redesigning education and assessment procedures to incorporate EPAs in clinical training. Other health professions, such as nursing, physician assistant, veterinary medicine, midwifery, pharmacy, physical therapy and dentistry, have explored the possibilities of using EPAs in their training programs.

There are many questions about EPAs, as they reflect a multi-faceted approach to clinical education that is new and many programs are in pilot phases of implementation. Best evidence and best practices are therefore just emerging. The answers to the questions below will refer both to more elaborate explanations and to the early results of studies in this domain.