About askAMEE 


The past two decades have seen a dramatic increase in the information available about what works and what doesn’t work and about best practice in the training of healthcare professionals.  Information is available from BEME and other published systematic reviews, AMEE Guides and consensus statements such as the Ottawa consensus statements, the many research studies published in journals and experience of experts as published for example in the Medical Teacher “Twelve tips” series or in books published on the theme.

It is almost impossible for the teacher in the healthcare professions to keep up to date in the field.  askAMEE has been developed to help and to provide teachers and others engaged with education in healthcare professions with a readily accessible source of information on a specific education topic.


askAMEE is made available at no charge by AMEE as a service to the education community.

Got a question on Medical Education? - AMEE have provided the place to find the answers